Tree Disease and Insect Management

Just like people and animals, trees can become infected and suffer from various bacterial and fungal infections. Diseases are caused by many different factors, including the tree’s location, weather, soil conditions, and the overall health of the tree and plant life surrounding it.

Tree disease treatment is effective only when targeted for tree type, specific disease, and desired outcome. It begins with a comprehensive inspection of your trees by Yavapai Landscaping. During the inspection, we will be able to determine the overall health of the tree and recommend appropriate treatments to improve and preserve the vitality of your property

If caught in time, tree disease is not necessarily a death sentence. Many diseases can be treated once the specific bacterial culprit is identified. We can monitor your trees for signs of thinning, discolored leaves, small holes, or other signs of disease and insect problems. Once the problem has been diagnosed, we can provide treatment options to restore your tree’s health.

In worse case scenarios, we can remove the tree completely, if it is too late to save the plant. Diseases and infections can be avoided by knowing the common types prevalent in your geographic area, and planting trees resistant to those problematic agricultural diseases. Diligently monitoring the tree’s fertilizer, light, soil, and watering conditions will also help keep disease at bay.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming is the most common practice of all tree care. We skillfully combine your desires and needs with the needs of your trees to achieve exactly what you want. We understand the importance of each cut and how the tree will respond. Great looking, healthy trees are the result of proper, natural target pruning and maintenance.

Many of us grow up with the misconception that trees are indestructible and can tolerate about any kind of abuse, and that pruning techniques do not matter. This is not true. Improper pruning can and will lead to serious health issues, decline, and sometimes death. Every time a tree is pruned wrong, it may take that much longer to correct it and bring it back to optimal health and structure. We look at each tree individually to maintain the health and stability of the tree while keeping your needs in mind.

Tree and Stump Removal

Tree removal can be serious and sometimes dangerous work. Our crews are very skilled and well experienced in safely removing trees of any size. Protecting you, your family, and your property is our priority. Whether your tree is dying, dead, unsightly, or just needs removed for any reason, we have the crew and the equipment to handle your needs.

In the event of an emergency situation, we are available to provide emergency services for hazardous and storm-damaged trees. We will quickly and safely remove downed trees and other debris from your property that are hazardous, ensuring the safety of individuals and structures as soon as possible. We will take the time to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action.

We can mobilize a crew and equipment from unaffected regions to address the emergency needs of our customers as quickly as possible. We deal with difficult to manage trees and jobs that include hard to move, overgrown, heavy or well rooted branches and stumps.

Even if your trees do not exhibit obvious damage after a weather event or no immediate emergency exists, it is important to have your property inspected so we can detect symptoms and conditions that could lead to problems later.

Tree Fertilization and Feeding

It is recommended to fertilize your trees 3 times a year to obtain new growth and ripe fruit. We may use a probiotic blend that puts necessary vitamins and minerals into your soil as well as crucial live microbes such as beneficial bacteria, fungus, and humic acid. All part of nature's way to help your trees not only survive, but thrive!