$4500 Landscaping Giveaway Winner

Jenn & Tom Ashcraft

We finished up our last of three $4,500 Free Landscaping Giveaway projects Friday morning. This was for Jenn and Tom Ashcraft who received a tremendous amount of community nominations. They are caring for Jenn's mother who unfortunately has been dealing with health issues. Previously they had a small slippery concrete pad and uneven driveway rock which made it very difficult for her to walk to the vehicle to go to appointments. We fixed that! Here are some after photos with a before photo.


A slippery concrete pad and uneven driveway rock made it difficult for Jenn’s mother to walk.


“Thank you so much again! It looks beautiful and feels like the house is grounded now. We are so grateful.”

Jenn and Tom Ashcraft

Yavapai Landscaping