Maintenance & Care

YPL has developed personalized commercial landscaping maintenance services for a variety of properties, including apartment buildings and multifamily residences, office complexes, retail centers, restaurants and hospitality venues. With landscape creation and maintenance from YPL, you can have improved curb appeal, make unforgettable impressions and gain long-lasting value.

  • Annual & Seasonal plans available

  • Complete home landscaping from door to curb

  • Financing available

We handle a wide variety of services to fit your needs!

Lawn care and installation

From Kentucky Blue to Rye Grass, we do it all

All our commercial landscape design services are specially designed and skillfully executed to exceed your specific outdoor needs while also reinvigorating an uninspired lawn with unique vision.



Bushes and Hedges

We treat their trim like its an art

We offer native plants, ornamental trees, various shrubbery specimens, as well as trimming and sculpting.



Tree Care

From planting to long term care and trimming

We have skilled teams of tree cutters and climbers that safely rope the branches and logs down to the ground when necessary.


Commercial & Residential

We handle any project no matter the scale

YPL specializes in Large and Commercial scale projects and development. We have experience and history working with many state and national contractors.


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