Deadly wildfires spread yearly in Arizona and across the southwest.

Deadly wildfires spread yearly in Arizona and across the southwest.

Protect Yourself from Wildfire

Wildfire season is upon us and it is more important than ever to take steps to prevent fire damage to your home and property. Yavapai Landscaping has provided you with a few tips to create a firewise defensible space.

Make sure to keep all leaves, needles and branches off roofs and decks. To prevent flames from spreading quickly, remove all vegetation within 3-5 feet of the home. Thin and space vegetation from 5-30 feet from the home and remove any leaves and needles. Furthermore, keep shrubs and trees pruned on a monthly maintenance plan to prevent wildfire spread. Yavapai Landscaping has monthly maintenance plans available and would be happy to provide anyone with a quote.

Trim all branches that overhang any structures and raise tree canopies. Remove any plants that contain resins and oils like pine trees as they can act as fuel and increase the speed of fire spread. Choose firewise plants to reduce the spread of fire. Yavapai Landscaping would gladly provide anyone with a quote for creating a firewise defensible space. We can also help homeowners select firewise plants for their property.

Firewise-Safe Plants

Ground covers have firewise characteristics and can form an effective barrier limiting the spread of fire. Ground cover is not only a good choice for fire prevention, but also to prevent soil erosion. By forming a dense mat of roots and foliage it reduces the likelihood of soil erosion. Keeping ground cover maintained is also key to preventing fire spread.

Herbaceous perennials are beautiful and easy to maintain. Only plant short perennials, however, and keep them well-watered. Tall perennials have a higher chance of creating a fire ladder. Plant perennials in spaced-out beds and separate with walkways or granite. In addition, consistently weed, prune and top plants to help prevent fire spread.

Shrubs can be a powerful source of fuel in a wildfire. Make sure to plant shrubs individually and far apart. Also, prune and remove any dead leaves or branches frequently.

Trees are the biggest threat in a wildfire so use them sparingly. Leave large amounts of space between each tree and raise the canopy off the ground to a height of 8 to 15 feet. Deciduous trees are a better choice than conifers as they have a higher moisture level and are less flammable than conifers.

For more information on creating a firewise defensible space, feel free to contact Yavapai Landscaping through our website or by calling the office at (928) 910-4147.